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Flipboard: Weekly Horoscope: Your stars for the week of. Leo Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect! Leo Weekly Horoscope. Weekly Horoscope: weekly horoscope for your zodiac. Weekly Horoscope February 24 to March 2, Know weekly.

Your Horoscope This Week leonine February horoscope. Leo Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 April. Leo decan 3 weekly horoscope. Leo This Week Horoscope 24 to 30 December Leo Weekend Horoscope California Psychics. Leo Weekly Horoscope - 06 03 Horoscope Maui Time. Leo Weekly Horoscope 25th December to 31st December Leo Horoscope Jessica Adams Astrology. Weekly Overview for Leo - Astrology com.

Pisces Weekly horoscope, Pisces this week, Pisces next week. Leo Weekly Horoscope by Prescient Priscilla. Horoscope: Weekly horoscopes by Russell Grant for Aries. Zodiac- Leo by soulessrobin on DeviantArt. Yearly Horoscopes for Leo. Leo Horoscope — Based on Your moon Sign. Horoscope of the week June 30 — July 6, : Leo. Geminis, we love you, really. A very intense kind of inner work? This year is all about coming out and all that inner transformation, bringing it out to the world.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Trying something new, traveling. It should be a very positive, optimistic time…so, yeah: Go big! Taurus are comfort-level creatures. But get them to break up their routine? Good luck with that.

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This is a year where you can be more exploratory by deepening your relationships with one or two people, or maybe even going back to school. And getting out of your comfort zone. This is a great time to be a Gemini.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Even though Geminis have a twin, you can be very free-spirited with a million friends and Tinder threads open. Just commit already, dammit.

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Also some spiritual exploration, with Uranus going into your 12th house. You may soon have your own personal shaman. Or become one.

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Do the work. However, you may discover your destiny at the same time because the north node of the moon, which is a special point where the eclipses are happening, is in Cancer fro first time in 19 years. So be open to that level of discovering and calling.

And the three [upcoming] Capricorn eclipses and all the Capricorn energy—Capricorn is your opposite sign. I want to step out and rebrand myself. And just really having fun with everything you do. Last year was a bit emotional, more behind the scenes, spending time at home or with your family.

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  6. And now is a time to get creative and have fun. This is a very social year—a year for making new friends. Look around for places that feel like home around the world to explore.

    Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

    You may buy property this year. Or decide to put down roots in some other way, or get serious about saving money. Though you are an irreformable social butterfly, you may decide to keep things a little closer to home, get involved in local events—and deal with some childhood or parents and family-of-origin stuff as well.

    I know some Libras are working through some of that mom-and-dad baggage everybody comes into this world with. But also, entrepreneurial partnerships could go well. Short-term partnerships.