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Dean, Geoffrey

Barry L. Beyerstein - - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 10 4 Imants Baruss - - American Psychological Association. Edward F. Kelly and Rafael G.

Horosoft Celebrity Horoscope Mercury Prediction - Geoffrey Dean

Webb - - Anthropology of Consciousness 21 2 Tracking the Soul: With an Astrology of Consciousness. As a matter of fact, my whole attitude towards astrology was gradually changing to the extent that I was becoming a pain in the neck for my fellow astrologers. I was now critical of the "anything goes" attitude of so many of them, and of how they tended to believe anything that prominent astrological authors had written, be they ancients or from more recent times.

For example, whenever I questioned a particular astrological statement, their response tended to be: "It is so, because famous author says so. If I asked: "how does he know? If I then asked: "Experience, based on what? On empirical research? Enter the computer It was also the time the final three years of the s when the first home computers entered the scene. I bought one of them, the Commodore PET a forerunner of the later famous C64 and the astrological software for it was developed by a friend of mine, who had also bought such a machine.

Thanks to this machine and its software I was able to test a multitude of horoscopes on a great variety of astrological statements found in astrological text books. It took me a number of years to carry out these projects. I succeeded, but to my great chagrin the test results were contrary to all hopeful expectations. One did not have to be a professional statistician to find out that many, if not all, statements in astrological text books, fell flat when tested on a great number of horoscopes.

For example, I tested the statement that in the charts of people who had died an accidental death, there would be a remarkable incidence of Progressed Ascendant to Mars, or of Progressed Mars to the Ascendant. Sure, there were a few but the word says it all: a few , hence not an overwhelming number which could confirm the textbook statement. And so it went on and on.

And one can imagine that my views on astrology had sobered down somewhat. Yet, I was still a believer, simply because I had happy clients, who tended to come back. So why complain!?

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Until the day when the penny dropped. I meet Geoffrey Dean In February , I met face to face with Dr Geoffrey Dean, a man whose researches into astrology were already having an impact on the astrological scene. In I had bought a copy of the book Recent Advances in Natal Astrology that he had compiled with Arthur Mather and many others, and was deeply impressed by it since, for one thing, its findings corroborated my own investigations.

Anyway, we both had been invited to lecture at the yearly conference of the Federation of Australian Astrologers, and I took the opportunity to ask him to stay at my home. Since I was living near Melbourne, where I took on the agency for Matrix software until We had many inspiring discussions and during those he showed me a fairly thick packet of paper; in fact, a long draft article on astrological counselling that he was circulating for comment.

In it he had brought together much relevant information taken from orthodox sources it had 87 references that was almost never found in astrology books. It also incorporated comments on two previous versions from about a dozen astrologers and psychologists. He asked me whether I was willing to give it a thorough read and then forward my comments. Of course I agreed.

Accordingly, shortly after Dean had left for his home town Perth in Western Australia, I began reading this paper. As usual his writings were highly informative. One chapter though gave me that terrible sinking feeling again. Not because he had written something wrong, but because there was the sense of immediate awareness that he was so right! And that was the moment when the penny dropped. The sudden realisation how I had been doing my readings and why I had been so successful.

And that was not thanks to astrology, but instead thanks to various things that I seemed to be pretty good at.

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Let me explain. A typical ad for my astrological services in Astrological Monthly Review August In this chapter Dean discussed about 20 factors that affect "personal validation" or the way a client personally assesses or validates an astrological reading. The number of factors later reached 34, see Artifacts in reasoning on this website under Doing Scientific Research. These factors included things like the Barnum effect seeing specifics in generalities and selective memory ignoring errors , most of which I did recognise, that is, I had the strong feeling that indeed I myself had been a victim of most of them.

However, the things that gave me that terrible sinking feeling were the effects described under "Cold Reading", and now I quote Dean in full:. Watch the eyes and hands for signs that they say yes and no. Make the reading happy and positive 3. Be a good listener 4.

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Loosen the client's tongue with flattery 5. Discover the problem and then tell the client what she wants to hear. Usually neither the reader nor the client is consciously aware of this communication process, which therefore can result in a reading that seems mysteriously perceptive.

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In which case it cannot be claimed that astrology plays an essential part in the reading process. The penny drops Well, apparently, but without ever having been consciously aware of it, I had been an excellent cold reader -- which is what I realised on that fateful day in February It was mainly thanks to these cold-reading skills and to my unfailing desire to help my clients that I had an excellent rapport with them, and thus had sessions which were, almost without exception, successful in the sense that both my client as well as myself were happy.

So, the only good thing supplied by astrology was the beautiful mandala called horoscope and its symbols.

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  4. The rest was due to my being caring, attentive to the client's needs, and sensitive to what Dean calls the client's "paralinguistic and non-verbal cues". Now it also became devastatingly clear why I had had excellent sessions based on the totally wrong chart.

    Sympathy, cold reading, and the nice astrological symbolism had done the trick, not astrology itself. Conclusion: A warm, caring, perceptive reader can work with any chart, hence also the wrong chart. Thus, in reality, I had been dealing with a beautiful and perfect illusion.

    Yes, perfect and grandiose, but an illusion, no matter how beautiful, remains an illusion. My happy world of astrology collapses This harsh realisation, on top of all the negative statistical results of the many serious studies including my own into astrological claims, had a devastating effect on me. My happy world of astrology collapsed. It felt as if the bottom had been kicked away from under my existence. This was the beginning of a terrible time. First of all, due to this awful new knowledge that it all had been an illusion I felt compelled to close my astrology-practice.

    After all, I had been dealing in illusions, and hence felt it unethical to continue selling such illusions. If that had been all, it would not have been so bad. But since astrology had been my great passion, which now all of a sudden had turned into a great disappointment, it was as if I had fallen into a big black hole. When trying to look forward, I saw no horizon, no future.

    I had invested my whole existence on the rosy promises of astrology, and on its certainty that one's life has a definite meaning and is inseparably linked with the universe. But now I saw only a terrible never-ending blackness.

    "Tests of Astrology" Reviews

    A clinical depression ensued which would last for some years and which, for one thing, cost me my marriage. Only after I had returned to the Netherlands in and had to find a way to begin a new life I found a new wife and a good job did my sorrow about the loss of astrology slowly fade away. I was not alone It was little consolation that I was not alone is discovering that astrology was an illusion. When I was living in Perth I visited Geoffrey Dean many times, and he showed me letters his clients had sent him when he was a practising astrologer in the late s.

    They said things like "very accurate" and "so true it is amazing" and "you know me inside out". One letter I remember especially was from a lady client who had found an hour or so of chart reading more helpful than six months of psychiatry, and voluntarily doubled his fee.