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Ascendant in Capricorn Woman

They are insecure and afraid deep down, and may plunge themselves into self destructive behaviors to combat these feelings. Capricorn Rising will most likely put forward a cheery face to the public, trying to compensate for their inner feelings of doubt. They don't hesitate to accept responsibility or hardships. Success is important to Capricorn Ascendant, whether it is in a career, marriage, their personal life or their social status. In marriage, this ascendant needs a partner who can protect them emotionally. When they seek a partner, the attraction begins with the first impression. Capricorn Ascendant comes across as practical, restrained, conservative and reserved.

Their health may have been delicate as a child, but by adulthood they are usually much heartier. When younger, they may be timid, shy or sensitive. Their inner drive to succeed helps them overcome these early adversities. Position and money are important to Capricorn Ascendant, and they will plan accordingly. They usually must pass trials during their life on humility and pride. Capricorn Ascendant appears to be wise beyond their years. They don't break the rules and they don't disobey very much as children. Your tendency to conform to the established order of things makes you come off as stern, rigid and inflexible.

Underneath the surface, though, you are extremely sensitive. You are your own harshest critic, straightforward and intolerant of dishonesty in any form; when someone turns out to be unworthy of your trust, you sever all ties with them. Capricorn Ascendant men are intelligent, ambitious and determined to succeed. They are driven by the desire to acquire wealth, along with the power, privilege and independence this confers.

They pursue their goals relentlessly and will go to great — even unsavory — lengths to accomplish them. At the same time, they are outgoing and highly reliable. When it comes to romance, they need a partner who is laid back enough to offset their own uptightness and capable of helping them unlock their feelings. When they get involved with a woman of a lesser social status, they expect her to try to become their equal.

When they find a woman they want to spend the rest of their life with, they are loyal and devoted to her. They can be surprisingly adventurous in bed. Like Capricorn Ascendant men, Capricorn Ascendant women are hard-working, determined to achieve their goals and primarily concerned with making money. They place a high value on financial security and expect their partners to be as self-reliant as they are.

They need time before they can enter a committed relationship. They avoid men who are superficial, capricious or fickle in their emotions. They project an image of utter composure and often appear as emotionally detached, but seethe with insecurity underneath.

Unless they have a strong Scorpio influence in their astrology chart, they are timid and reserved in bed. Find here all 12 combinations of Sun signs combined Capricorn rising sign. Read the characteristics the Capricorn ascendant gives to your personality, in combination with your Sun. This combination makes you very serious, patient and focused on achieving your goals. You are determined to make a superhuman effort and sacrifice in order to reach the position that you deserve. You fall deeply in love, are always faithful to your partner and will thus create a good family of your own. You have the virtues of patience and persistence.

Venus enters Scorpio

You are ambitious and have goals but you are not flexible and prefer to take slow but sure steps rather than rushing things, thus delaying your success somewhat. Even so, you never waver in your path and usually make progress. There are two conflicting personalities inside of you: one loves adventure and games, the other is careful and cautious. You often prefer silence, even when you want to communicate with others. You have the genuine introspectiveness of the Gemini and the seriousness of the Capricorn, a combination that makes you a very philosophical person.

You have a fragile personality but also great strength hiding inside of you. It is against their principles to cheat and tolerate deceit and betrayal of any sort. Capricorn Rising individuals, in fact, do not like to be in the company of people who do not trust them. They will not easily express their inner thoughts and emotions freely, particularly to people they have known for a relatively short time.

When it comes to their personality, a Capricorn Rising individual boasts the same level of maturity as an adult right from a very early age.

The Ascendant In Astrology: Discover Your Rising Sign

This is to say, they will not exhibit childlike behaviors and will uphold what is right and just irrespective of their age! They are extremely loyal and warm: much warmer than they initially appear. They must try to not isolate themselves and place a wall all around themselves. It is fun to make friends with everyone and express your feelings and emotions freely, at least, once in a while. You follow strict laws and will like others to follow them as well without exceptions.

You work extremely hard with a strong focus on your goals which allows you to reap the benefits of your hard work later. You tend to be a highly sensitive person who is concerned about how others around you regard your beliefs. Capricorn Rising signs also have the capability to guide others well. They tend to lead groups when given the responsibility to chase goals.

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They will adhere to rules and not break them, making them strict disciplinarians. They are also blessed with the capability to make quick decisions. They are very dedicated, confident, and sincere in their approach to everything. They are often very image conscious and want to appear successful. Your ruling planet Saturn might make you sadistic at times.

In fact, these individuals face a lot of troubles in their lives but with their zeal and approach are bound to overcome them all and succeed. Capricorn Rising signs are highly responsible and can be trusted to get things done. Once they take a project up, they will not stop until it is completed in the desired manner. They are very organized and patient individuals. Capricorn Rising signs are always busy with themselves, planning and working towards achieving their goals and objectives. They are very competitive and make talented scientists, for, discipline is key to unravel scientific mysteries.

They are often pioneers of advanced and breakthrough technologies. For you, strength means being able to achieve your targets. Your main goal is to explore all aspects of reality and that too, in your own way. Such individuals are often sober and simple in their appearance and conduct.

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They have nice eyebrows and a lean physique. They are medium tall and have dark colored eyes.

Sun enters Scorpio

Capricorn Rising signs are known for their bright and uplifting smile. They also have a very piercing look. They often have coarse hair. They will always have a concerned and grave expression on their face. In fact, they are constantly worried and thinking about their future.

Les prévisions pour l'ascendant Capricorne en 2019

The present is all there is, after all. Capricorn rising signs must welcome each moment with joy and happiness and strive to do their best and leave the rest! They might often become pessimists and lose all optimism. Capricorn Rising signs should try to worry less and instill positivity in their life. They feel dissatisfied with some aspect of their personality or the other. They might appear to be confused, lacking self-assurance. However, once they find the right mentor or guide, they will bloom into beautiful flowers.

This, in fact, is the very reason why Capricorn Rising men often take up the role of a fatherly figure for the others who need their help. If you look deeper, you will find that Capricorn Rising signs have often had a difficult childhood or early life.

Consequently, they go through a lot since an early age, lacking the support of any motivator or inspiring figure. This is what inspires and drives them to take up the role of a motivator themselves for those in need with whom they identify. They are extremely generous with their time and money when it comes to contributing to a noble cause.

The Capricorn Ascendant respects others and their opinions.